Saturday, July 28, 2007

Puzzle # 2 - Not Solved

Clue-1: City (6-letter word)
Clue-2: Dog
Clue-3: Perfume
Clue-4: Small Car
Clue-5: Playwright
Clue-6: Emperor
Clue-7: Band
Master Clue: Bone 2-1

What's the Huntakshari?




pbzeppelin said...

a this a one time attempt puzzle?

zagreb - B (other options may exist)
belka - A
aramis - S
spark - K
kalidasa - A
alexander - R
rudra - A (again other options exist)

baskara - the mathematician - who gave an accurate value of pi

bone 2-1 : radius 2-1 = pi

anantha said...

that should be bhaskara. and not baskara. nice attempt at force-fitting. if you guys want multiple attempts, so be it!

pbzeppelin said...

hi. had meant to only ask if this is a one/multi attempt thing. not saying that it should be.

u make the rules. i guess there is no point in making it multiple entry unless u see some merit and award a second chance. else let it be one trial only. stops ppl from er giving half baked answers :)

anantha said...

if it's multiple attempts and no one solves the puzzle, i will not put out the answers. if it's one attempt per person, and no one solves the puzzle, i will put out the solution. which option do you prefer?

pbzeppelin said...

Personally I Infinitely prefer the second option - answer at the end of a fixed time if unsolved.

catcharun said...

i second that..unsolved mysteries drive me mad and i like answers a lot more than questions..

pbzeppelin said...

damn! last night had got the word dominos - and filled out all except opium - cd not hit upon a perfume with o and m. got up to dominos pizza but didnt make the bone 2-1 connection. still stuck with radius and thot of delivery etc :)

good one anantha!!